Privacy: Recommended Resources

It is important to maintain an appropriate balance between what you disclose online about yourself and what you keep private. These resources can help you learn more about the value of your privacy and how you can maintain the level of privacy important to you.

Tools for Managing Your Online Privacy

Privacy Awareness Materials

  • Choose Privacy Week. The American Library Association’s annual, week-long event that promotes the importance of individual privacy rights and celebrates libraries and librarians’ unique role in protecting privacy in the library and in society as a whole. The site also features continual updates throughout the year.
  • EDUCAUSE Data Privacy Day Resources. Each year on Data Privacy Day, January 28, EDUCAUSE provides educational resources about data privacy.
  • Electronic Privacy Information Center. Information on privacy topics such as cloud computing, internet privacy, social networks, online databases, and more.
  • Introducing: The Privacy Paradox. An introduction to Note To Self's project aimed at increasing privacy awareness and helping people take back their privacy. 
  • Privacy Paradox: What's Your Privacy Personality? A short quiz to help you understand what your attitude toward online privacy really is. 
  • Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Information to help consumers protect their privacy.
  • Stop | Think | Connect. A global cybersecurity awareness campaign supported by the National Cyber Security Alliance, the Anti-Phishing Working Group, and the U.S. Government.
  • Teach Privacy - Privacy Resources. Materials for teaching privacy awareness. 
  • Teaching Privacy. A site filled with information on teaching privacy awareness, including ten principals for online privacy.
  • Virtual Privacy Lab. Tools and resources for learning about, and improving, your online privacy. 
  • Watching You, Watching Me. Radiolab looks at whether being watched is a good thing, or a bad thing. 

Social Media Privacy

Analysis and Policy

Videos, Articles, and Presentations

For Privacy Professionals

  • A Conversation on Privacy (Mar 2016). A moderated discussion of privacy with MIT Professor Noam Chomsky, Edward Snowden, and Glenn Greenwald, moderated by Nuala O'Conner, president and CEO of the Center of for Democracy and Technology.
  • The Power of Privacy. Half-hour documentary film from IAPP Videos.
  • Privacy, Big Data & The Law (October 2015). UC Santa Cruz Datalex opening address by Jim Dempsey, Executive Director of the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology, dicussing how to move from conundrums to solutions. 
  • Why Privacy Matters (October 2014). TED Talk by Glenn Greenwald describing why you should care about privacy, even if you're "not doing anything you need to hide." (20 minutes)

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